3 Hole Practice Course

The 3 holes each have three different tee decks that give a unique look and play. The holes are meant for practice, so you can feel free to work on your game with more than one ball. The course is geared for both beginners and experienced players looking to teach their families.

Hole 1 - Front Tee 290 Yards, Middle Tee 338 Yards, Back Tee 415 Yards

Hole 2 - Front Tee 200 Yards, Middle Tee 270 Yards, Back Tee 290 Yards

Hole 3 - Front Tee 180 Yards, Middle Tee 269 Yards, Back Tee 303 Yards

$10 for 3 holes, $15 for 6 holes, $20 for 9 holes + HST

Driving Range

Our Driving Range Tee Deck can accommodate up to 16 players. The deck is equipped with mats and actual turf. The field is 335 yards long and equipped with yardage signs, 5 target greens with large coloured flags. We were inspired by “Tin Cup” and have scattered other targets on the range such as cars, boats and farm equipment.

$10 per bag - $80 for Ten Bag Pass + HST

Practice Green

We have a practice green by the restaurant with a large fringe and approach deck. A small pot bunker is also available to work on your sand play. 
To work on your fairway bunkers, we suggest playing our practice holes.

Golf Pro Lessons

We have a Certified Teaching Pro available for instruction, both group and private. The instruction times may vary depending on the time of season and instructor availability.

Please call 519-596-2332 to book your lesson.