5th & 14th holes

5th hole is a severe dog leg right par 4, although this hole is short it is a very low percentage shot to go for the green. The green has two large bunkers and very close to the bush and one of the old stone hedge. This hole is a blind shot, a lay up with a short iron in front of the fairway bunkers or cut off some of the corner with a long iron or hybrid. The green is sloped allowing you to attack the pin but a difficult putt.

14th hole does not change much for the forward tees but is quite different off the tee from the back tees. The look from the back is like you would see in Carolina or Florida, you can see the pin but not much else. The trees frame out the direction you must take, anything left puts you in the fairway bunkers or bush, to the right brings a wall of cedars. Big hitters can go for the green but there is nothing but trees and fescue 20 yards left or right of the green as well as the large bunkers.

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