9th & 18th Holes

9th hole is a deceiving par 4. Although the yardage and layout of the hole looks like you can reach the green, you are almostalways into the wind and plays about 20 yards farther due to the up hill approach. The fairway narrows to almost nothing close to the green, coming up short will leave you an uphill pitch out of lush rough. This hole has deep lush rough and fescue waist area on the left with large Jack Pines near the green. To the right more fescue with large trees and out of bounds. Laying up will take this out of play.

18th tees are brought way up that even high handicappers can reach the green from the front and almost forces all big hitters to go for it. There is two bunkers at the green and deep rough all around, the Jack Pine trees left of the green now come into play. Going for the green requires a perfect shot to hit the green and the sloping elevated greens makes your approach shot treacherous if you miss the green. For a hole that looks so easy not many birds are made on this hole.

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