Get Golf Ready in 5 Days

Cornerstone Golf Club is offering novice golfers the opportunity to Get Golf Ready in 5 Days, a relatively new industry-wide adult player development program. Get Golf Ready, intended to bring adults into the game of golf in a fast, fun and gratifying way, offers a series of five introductory lessons in a small-group environment for the affordable price of $99, plus tax per person.

Targeting the millions of adults who have limited or no experience with the game, the Get Golf Ready program offers five lessons that concentrate on basic skills instruction and provides background information on the game’s rules, etiquette and values. Overall, participants will gain insight into techniques regarding chipping and putting, full swing, half swing and bunker play as well as the fundamental guidelines of use and maintenance of golf equipment, keeping score and navigating the course, among others.

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  • Testomonials:

    "We really enjoyed the Get Golf Ready program presented at Cornerstone. Jeff was VERY PATIENT, especially with the non-golfer. We both picked up some excellent tips that we had not heard before."

    "Your Get Ready Golf program this year was excellent! I'm a new golfer, at it only a couple of years since I retired, but totally hooked. As a Snow Bird in Florida for the Winter I am already seeing the benefits and making progress with improving my game, reducing the frustrations and increasing the satisfaction and enjoyment. Jeff, you have the patience of Job and I'd encourage anyone who is addicted to the game, or anyone who simply loves golf, to take advantage of this very worthwhile program." - Arlene Kennedy"

    "I had taken up golfing when I retired a few years back but was becoming increasingly frustrated in not seeing any improvement in my game . In spite of taking several private lessons over two years, I really l didn’t have any idea of what I was doing wrong, nor more importantly, what to work on to improve.This past spring, I took the “Get Ready Golf” lessons with Jeff at Cornerstone Golf course in Tobermory. In just two half hour group lessons, I had already improved my swing and had some idea of what to work on. In June, we participated in a golf tournament with the people I golf with in Florida and two of the men finally said to me, “We have never seen you golf like this before”. What an improvement! I still have a long way to go, but at least I know what to work on and how to make a change." "Thanks Jeff and Cornerstone Golf." - Sandi Hoffer"

    "get golf ready helped work the bugs out of my swing and taught me some great techniques for the short game. Unfortunately, I didn't play enough last summer to imprint the positive changes! Fortunately, I can take it again this spring - this time bringing my husband." -Sheila Buckingham I hadn't played golf for over ten years. While on vacation last summer near Tobermory, I decided to get some exercise and try out golf again by taking a golf lesson at Cornerstone. The step by step approach used in the "Get Golf Ready in Five Day's" program was a great re-introduction to the sport! Jeff my instructor was both patient and encouraging. I saw immediate results in my swing and the distance I could hit the ball. At my work golf tournament, I felt very confident and had a great time. I look forward to spending more time on the golf course this summer." - Joyce Sinclair

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